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Veneers – The Ceramic way of changing a smile

Veneers have become more and more popular among young people, being inspired by celebrities and their perfect white smile.

Nowadays almost everyone knows about the famous Hollywood Smile which has been an absolute trend since 2005 when Hollywood celebrities were smiling wide and white for interviews.

More and more people and especially those under 30 choose to change their smile using ceramic veneers which have the great advantage of staying forever white no matter the amount or coffee you drink.

Ceramic Veneers in the UK

In the UK veneers have turned into a real must have in the past years but high prices make a lot of people to choose cheaper options such as Turkey. The only problem with having any dental work abroad is that almost no UK based dentist will touch other’s dentist job especially if the practice is outside the UK. This can become extremely frustrating if something goes wrong and sometimes problems are inevitable.

Majority of patients who choose veneers are simply keen on having the white smile no matter what and most of them are surprised when they find out that having veneers means filling your own teeth and removing layers from your enamel. This process is forever and enamel will never grow back once filled so you will have to be completely aware of this before starting a treatment.

Another type of ceramic veneers ?

Another option for veneers can be the no prep veneers where without filling the tooth the veneer is simply bonded with a strong adhesive. But even this method is tricky as if the veneer is thick, your teeth will look thick as well and not natural at all, leading to gingivitis ( swollen gums ) due to bacterial infiltration. Another option for the no prep veneers is to do teeth whitening before and then apply thin veneers which are almost transparent but being so thin, chipping them is at high risk.

Other Options instead of Ceramic Veneers ?

A more natural and less invasive approach of having straight and white teeth is obviously having orthodontic procedures either with the well known braces or if the clinical case is suitable with the modern aligners such as Invisalign.

Once the treatment is done, teeth whitening can be a further option either by having it done in office or the home whitening kit. Teeth whitening options vary as well, some patients might also choose to have the professional treatment done in the dental office and then top up with the home kit which should be no more than 16 % carbamide peroxide.

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