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The Periodontitis of Dental Implants : Peri Implantitis

Can dental implants get an infection ?

Few people are not aware of the fact that dental implants can get infection and in most of the times it does not hurt at all.

Compared to natural teeth, a dental implant can get an infection easier without the patient knowing about it in most of the cases.

It is not painful as there is no pulp or apical infection which occurs at the end of the tooth causing a pressure pain. It can only be detected by dentist or some patients can fell the gum a bit more red or swollen but that would be all.

Peri implantitis – Causes and treatment

Peri implantitis can be defined as the periondontitis of dental implants which is basically an infection around the implant caused by bacteria which gets infiltrated under the gum.

This will cause bone loss around the dental implant which can end up in loosing the implant if it is not treated in time.

The worst part is that in most of the cases peri implantitis is not painful or visible as some patients will think that a swollen gum or a more red aspect is normal around the dental implant.

Peri implantitis can be treated quite easily and in most cases the treatment succeeds. Removing all the bacteria and infected tissue formed along with cleaning the exposed dental implant with special brushes and prophy jet is just the first step.

The second step in treating peri implantitis will be adding bone graft to replace the missing bone around the dental implant which had been lost due to infection and sometimes gum graft is required to achieve an aesthetic result.

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