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Teeth as an organ of your body - A new pathway to health

Many of us think of teeth as something we use for chewing food, some people use them to open beer bottles or some celebrities want them to be white and perfect when smiling but that would be about it.

We actually don't give our teeth the amount of importance they fairly need and with time the side effects don't hesitate to show up.

How it All Starts .. Teeth being formed

Teeth are being formed from a membrane called lamina which starts to develop in our early embrional days. To be more explicit, the structures that will differentiate and will create our teeth develop in parallel with other oragans such as liver , kidneys or heart.

Each tooth is an organ of our body, and even if most of us have 32 by the age of 20 this doesn't mean we can loose some teeth without nothing to happen.

Our teeth journey begins when we are only 6 months old and our first teeth start to appear. We gradually develop as well as the food our parents feed us with which becomes more variable.

Keeping your baby teeth healthy is very important because if you look at it, a baby canine or a premolar will be there for 10 years so it's not such a short time to hope for a change if they get affected by cavities. A few cavities here and there as kids are normal and they are usually related to sweets and laziness of not willing to brush our teeth especially before going to bed. Also bad dentist experiences as a kid will have severe impact on your adult life pushing you to see the dentist only when pain gets really bad.

Next Step - The Adult Life of Teeth

Let's say all went well and now permanent teeth are in place opening the way of a new era, the adult one, where smoking and drinking alcohol is allowed. If your parents took good care of you and you were supposed to see the dentist on a regular basis as a kid, and if it was necessary you also had braces, then I would say you were the lucky one which has no excuse not to become the responsable adult.

In order to survive we need food and water, so the key to surviving is absolutely teeth related. Every single particle destined to feed you takes a first contact with your teeth, before everything else.

As an adult, your teeth get exposed to more harmful factors such as more aggressive bacteria , harder foods , stress which affects your body's pH or can cause grinding problems which erode teeth, as well as smoking which also has a bad impact on gums and vascular system.

Why Every Tooth is an Organ of your body ?

Obviously each tooth should be considered an organ as each tooth has a special role.

Your teeth have been designed in such an incredible way to support specific forces and pressure according to their position and also act together as one complete mechanism.

Except wisdom teeth, missing one tooth can cause an entire series of health problems which most doctors of other specialities could not be able to tell why.

First of all ,biting forces will not be equal, causing a higher pressure on the others, the oponent tooth of the missing one will start growing sometimes interfering within the bite. From this you get to inequal movements and pressure of the TMJ, which is a sensitive joint with a fine disk connected to a capsule that can get painful, often leading to TMJ disorders.

Most headeaches that have no other reason can be teeth related, as well as back pain , neck pain or pain caused by posture, which is also teeth related.

Many people seek for other medical treatments thinking that their pain comes from a bad sleeping position , a vascular problem or even a nervous system issue. In the end doctors spend time writing prescriptions to treat the effect, but the cause will always be there, inside the mouth of the patient.

Our body is one living organism which needs to be complete in order to function at its high potential so having bad teeth is exactly like having a bad organ such as a kidney, lung , liver , eye and so on.

Most specialists forget about teeth, and forget that sinus infection can be teeth related or how a pain in the head or neck with no proper diagnostic can be directly associated with an occlusal problem which causes muscle or nervous disorder.

In the end I would say that treating teeth with low interest by both patients and doctors of all specialities, can lead to undiscovered health problems which have a negative impact on our lives.

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