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The Importance of Salivary pH and the massive influence over your body

A prestigious dental clinic in Wimpole Street uses holistic medicine and pH measurements combined with alkaline diets to treat patients...

Human pH has turned into one of the most interesting and complete topics in the world of medicine, being carefully investigated in every detail. During the past years doctors, specialists and even scientists have managed to link Low pH levels to most common diseases of our century. We should all be conscious that modern world is suffering a fast moving phenomenon of evolution which leads in the end to processed food in order to ensure the enough quantity consumed by population. In addition, environmental pollution which affects air, water and soil, brings an increased contribution to developing severe diseases such as cancer for example. Oral cavity can be seen as a huge factory with several divisions where every worker has a precise mission to accomplish by carrying a 24/7 job. Human saliva is a real miracle of the nature which can provide important information of your body and health being also an easy procedure of measuring significant values. Antibacterial substances, DNA sequences, minerals , protective coating layers, neutral pH or healing factors are just a few components and advantages offered by salivary glands.

Dental medicine is a science which involves not only teeth or dental treatments but it is also a method of monitoring the body metabolism, digestive malfunctions and even mental health. A professional in dental medicine needs to pass over tooth boundaries and treat every patient on a full scale by identifying every aspect of sufferance, as oral cavity is offering a vast range of details. Dr. Macau has studied Medicine besides Dental University and was able to create an unique protocol of treating patients according to their needs. This means that each patient can have dental problems that suggest a systemic disease or malfunction and additional tests and investigations are necessary. Researchers have found a strong connection between a low body pH and increased incidence of cancer, heart disease and kidney failure. Having a low body pH means lowering the level under 7.35 – 7.4 which is the same pH that blood, saliva and spinal fluid have.

As the modern food diet contains high quantities of meat, acidic drinks, sugar and salt our bodies are being daily attacked by acids, forcing the metabolism to keep a normal pH of 7,4. Adopting an addictive diet where meat is present daily and during years you increase the quantity, your body will need to fight until it can’t fight no more and slowly patients start feeling negative effects, while some can also develop various stages of cancer. The secret is to keep a balance of animal origin proteins and start consuming raw vegetables and fruits that will eliminate the extra acids.

The Wimpole Street Dental Clinic where Dr. Macau works as a collaborator is the only dental office in London where besides advanced dental treatments, patients are given diet advices according to their pH levels and lifestyle. Having a neutral pH prevents cavities, lowers the number of bacteria but also generates the alkaline protection your entire body requires in order to prevent diseases and function properly.

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