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Manual Toothbrush vs Electric Toothbrush

Most patients think that electric toothbrushes are the best and once they start using them any brushing issue should disappear. This is a totally wrong idea promoted mainly by TV commercials and less explanation from dentists.

Which one is Better?

Both of them are good if you know how to use them properly and not excessively. First of all choosing your toothbrush should be accordingly to your dentist advice and it depends on your gums, tooth abrasion and brushing habit.

Advantages of Manual Toothbrushes

A Manual Toothbrush used properly is one of the best cleaning tools you can brush your teeth with.

You can control pressure, you can reach all the surfaces and respecting the right movements you can protect your gums and prevent gum recession which is one of the most common problems with electric toothbrushes.

Soft bristles are mostly indicated for patients with periodontitis and sensitive gums. A manual Toothbrush should be changed every month – month and a half as bristles will sharpen and fall apart making the gums bleed even more.

Do Electric Toothbrushes cause Gum Recession ?

The answer is Yes if they are used in a wrong way.

Most patients tend to put a lot of pressure and press it vertically on the tooth surface which makes the gum suffer.

Usually in electric toothbrushes , bristles are hard to last longer but this is bad for the gums which due to hardness and rotating speed, recede and sometimes bleed.

Patient Using Only Electric Toothbrush for 15 Years

( Periodontitis- patient using electric Toothbrush in the past 15 years, Photo by Dr. Macau )

Sonic Toothbrush or Electric Toothbrush ?

Electric Toothbrush and Sonic Toothbrush are mainly the same, the only difference is how bristles move.

The Sonic Toothbrush is much more gum friendly as no matter how much pressure you put on it the gums won’t suffer compared to the electric ones that have rotational heads.

On the other hand the Sonic Toothbrush should be used as a manual one using the same movements explained in the Bass technique for example.

Best Way of Brushing and Preventing Gum Recession

The best way to brush is to combine an electric toothbrush with a manual one and for most people medium or soft bristles should be used.

You will need to learn how to brush properly and what movements to make for each type of toothbrush.

Dentist should check the way you brush and check for any abrasions that usually appear on the buccal side along with receding gums. Also for patients with gum disease or periodontitis electric toothbrush should be used less especially when teeth have mobility.

Manual Soft Bamboo Toothbrush by Dr Macau

( Manual Soft Bamboo Toothbrush designed by Dr. Macau )

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