Dr Macau Bamboo Toothbrush – Soft Bristles – Reduces Plastic Waste

Dr Macau Bamboo Toothbrush is the only Bamboo Toothbrush ever to be designed by a dentist. Having a professional design and using only quality materials, Dr Macau Bamboo Toothbrush is a true blessing from the nature. Plastic waste has started to become a real threat for the nature and humankind increasing pollution especially in the oceans. At a global scale, leading countries will have to reach an agreement in finding new solutions to replace plastic and make it biodegradable entirely and fast.

Global warming is a real danger that has already started to have a severe impact on our lives. Cancer is also related to pollution and it is not the only one experts warn that along with a polluted air, water and soil we will face new and more severe diseases. Even though we do not pay attention to details, a recent study has shown that millions of plastic toothbrushes fail to be recycled annually.

Designed and conceived by one of the best oral surgeons in London, Dr Macau Bamboo Toothbrush has some unique features that make it stand out from the regular toothbrushes. The bristles are especially designed to protect the gums from trauma when brushing even forcefully but are elastic enough to clean in between your teeth and reach even the most inaccessible spots. The eco toothbrush designed by Dr Macau is made out of natural ingredients that are fully biodegradable, making it easy to recycle. Bamboo is the largest component of the toothbrush forming the handle and bristle holder, being extremely soft and light creating a pleasant sensation while brushing.

Another vital characteristics of the natural Dr Macau Bamboo Toothbrush are the angles and shape of the bristles which prevent Gum Recession and Gum Bleeding. Gum recession is one of the most common signs of a traumatic brushing technique. Dr Macau’s personal studies have concluded that nearly one patient out of 3 has gum recession and almost 40 % is due to electric toothbrushes.

People should be aware of their gingival status as the gums have an important role for our oral health. Gums can say so many things about us. Our diet, daily habits, oral hygiene, brushing technique, a wide range of medical problems or medication side effects and even hormonal changes can be shown by studying carefully the gums. Protecting our gums means protecting the health of our teeth and doing this we can also reduce the plastic waste” – Dr Macau ( Oral Surgeon, Cosmetic Dentist and Periodontist, London – UK )

Dr Macau Bamboo Toothbrush comes in a 4 Value Pack which is especially conceived to last 4 months for a single person. At the moment they are available in US, Canada and Mexico and across Europe through Amazon website.

For those interested to buy a Free Shipping pack in the US can access the Link below – Dr Macau AMAZON US or the same Free Shipping pack is available in Europe by accessing the Links – Dr Macau AMAZON UKDr Macau AMAZON ESDr Macau AMAZON DEDr Macau AMAZON FR .

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