Can Tongue Piercing or Lip Piercing affect your teeth ?

Piercing has become very popular among young people mostly and it is usually used in visible areas such as nose, ears and lips. It is a way to be different than others , to make you stand out or sometimes a way to integrate in a group of people who share the same passions.

Usually associated with tattoos, piercings can actually be more dangerous than they seem and in some cases can also cause complications. Regardless any infection that can come up by placing an object in direct contact with blood and tissue, secondary effects can occur on the long term.

No matter the material they are made of or shape , the most important is where they are located. In most cases they get in close contact with teeth and soft tissues around teeth. A tongue piercing placed in the first 3rd of the tongue can do more harm than another one placed more backwards but this is also according to the anatomy of the tongue and mandible.

How Lip and Tongue piercing can affect your gums

Lip piercings placed on the lower lip cause more damage to soft tissues than upper lip piercings.

The explanation is very simple, around our teeth we have gums which are a sensitive tissue. If a metal gets in contact with our gums or teeth , creates pressure and also a pulling effect is made. As years go by, the continuous action around the gums and impact over teeth can also cause fractures, chips, but most severely periodontal problems, which in most cases can lead to tooth loss.

The traumatic action of tongue and lip piercing is intense, as lip and tongue have strong muscles which act constantly against periodontium , the supporting tooth system.

This leads to a domino effect as pain comes up usually when it's too late or patients get scared of local abscess. Even if the piercing is removed, teeth can still get loose as the piercing might have initiated the priodontal problem.

Common signs are receiding gums, swollen gums or periodontal pockets , another sign can also be increased mobility of a tooth or of a group of teeth.

Everyone that has tongue or lip piercings should visit the dentist even more often and seek for advice, as in the end loosing teeth due to a piercing might not worth on the long run.

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