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WHY  Bamboo Toothbrush 


Prevent Gum Bleeding


Prevent Gum Recession


Protect Nature and Recycle


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  • Brush in Style with Bamboo combines nature with health offering a good feeling after brushing - Designed by Dr Macau


  • Using Soft Free BPA Bristles, the Bamboo Toothbrush cleans and leaves a bacteria free surface preventing gum bleeding.



* Especially designed to last 3 months ! replace your toothbrush as soon as bristles get damaged - New Technology - Amazing results





4 Pack Bamboo Toothbrush by Dr Macau

  • Care Instructions

    Soft bristled toothbrushes prevent gum bleeding and gum recession due to their unique design.

    Change your toothbrush once the bristles wear off to get the best results.

    Designed by Dr Macau

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